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Overhauled Series

After much thought and consideration (and advice from fellow authors and publishers), I decided to do a complete overhaul of my series. Some may be wondering why I took Shadows down shortly after it was published. Well, it was a rushed write. I was feeling too much pressure in getting it written and in your hands that I didn't follow my heart. The characters took me in a direction I did NOT want to go. There were crazy reveals that I didn't much like and have since changed. As an author, I've learned that my stories are essentially my babies. I love them, and I need them to be as perfect as possible. Now I know what you're thinking...nobody is perfect, so how can the story be perfect? It isn't. There is no perfect story. Some are pretty darn close, but not every story is everyone's cup of tea. No, my story isn't perfect. Far from it. But I'd like to think mine is pretty darn good.

Aside from changes within both books, I took the advice of a few agents and redid my book covers. I needed something simple but catchy, and I wanted a book series that had similar covers. I opted for angels' wings, and I created my new covers. Not too shabby for doing it myself. Sorry, I don't make the big bucks to be able to pay a professional. I hope these covers do my story justice.

If you are waiting for Shadows, I promise you I'm almost done with it. The beginning has only changed a little, but the middle and end are vastly different. I hope you can forgive the delay. I'm trying to teach, create lessons, write, edit, and polish all while doing the everyday things moms and wives do.

By the way, do you have a New Year's resolution? Here's mine: get my entire series published and in your hands! That's my main goal for this year, I go! Time to write.

Have a great 2022 y'all!

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