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I need a new editor!


Here's the catch. You need to read everything below to find out how. Bua ha ha ha!

Authors suffer from multiple frustrations.

1- We hear voices. As in, our characters are chatting incessantly in our heads. We need to write it down so the voices can stop!

2- There's never enough time in the day for writing, working, and life outside of writing and working.

3- No matter how many times we read and reread our work, we'll always find a better way to say the same thing.

4- Edit. Rewrite. Edit. Rewrite. (It's a vicious cycle.)

5- No matter how many eyes are on our work, there's still going to be an error somewhere.

Now this is only a sprinkle of the frustrations we go through, but I want to point out numbers three through five. Yes, those three are big ones for me. I recently rewrote Something Within and made quite a few changes on the advice of a reviewer/editor. I changed the original Selin to Annora and the original Marla to Selin. It may seem complicated, but it's not. Not really. I have a good friend named Selin, and I didn't think it was right to create her character as already dead at the start of the story. (But here I am digressing.) You get it. I changed character names and added many new details. Along with those changes came errors that my editor didn't catch. I repeat. My editor did NOT catch the errors.

So I recently attended a book festival and sold many books. Here's my dilemma. I came home and grabbed one of the books that my editor swore was ready to be published. You know what? Upon rereading it I found - drumroll - SIX errors. Yes, I said six errors! WHAT? I sold a book with six errors? Can you imagine the horror I'm going through at this very moment?

This is where I came to a solution. I am, of course, going to fix those errors as soon as possible so I can get it polished properly. No one wants a book with errors! However, those of you who bought my book complete with those tiny mistakes will have the opportunity to win Book 2 for free! Think of it as a game. The first five people who contact me through my "Let's Chat" tab with the page number, line number, and sentence that has the error (please point out what the error is), will win the book. It's set to be released in January, but my winners will receive it first!

Good luck, and happy reading!

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