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I've been struggling with creating a new cover for Something Within. I just felt like it was missing something. After a little research (and a lot of looking at book covers), I realized my book wasn't too appealing. As a new author I knew it was important to make my cover as appealing as possible, so I went to a sight that has creative commons zero (CC0) photos. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a sight with photos that have been uploaded for your use...royalty free! The photographers have given up their rights in order for people like myself to use the photos (appropriately, of course) for whatever our little hearts desire! Now, the downside is that other people all over the world may be using the exact same photo for various other works. So I stuck with my niece. She’s beautiful, isn’t she? Then I found which is a site for creating your own cover! It’s filled with Creative Commons photos to use. My the niece’s picture won in the end, and I utilized Canva for the fonts. You know what? Until I find someone to create a fantastic cover for me (or become rich enough to hire one), I'm okay with my new cover. What do you think? Is it more eye-catching?

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