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I am thrilled to help out my fellow indie authors out there. On this page I will be promoting great independent authors like myself who are working hard at getting their work seen. Enjoy!

From the mind of Mercedes Fox


I’m not really exciting. Just a plain gal with voices in my head. Being an only child my imaginary friends were abundant. I wrote several stories in my teen years but didn’t keep them (wish I would have, I could make them shine now).  My husband is supportive of my writing and is always there when I start to doubt myself. My three furbabies make sure to always snuggle close giving their input. I’m a Harry Potter fanatic, Walking Dead fanatic, True Blood fanatic, and not to be left out Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanatic.


I’m promoting all three of my books currently: Vengeance of the Werewolf, Life After: Werewolf Domination, and Poaching the Immortal: Vengeance of the Werewolf book 2. All of my books rotate around werewolves. I’m happy to call my work graphic, raw, bloody, explicit, captivating and visceral.



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