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I'm a high school English teacher. So, naturally, reading and writing is my passion. For me writing is a stress reliever, or hobby, so I do it because it's fun for me. A lot of people don't find writing fun, and that's okay. But I believe we are all authors. In fact, I have a poster in my classroom that reads, "You are all authors of your own life story." And you know what? We ARE all authors of our written work (when we choose to write), but not all of us choose to share what we write.


I decided to start sharing.


Something Within is not my first project, but it is one that I feel the most passionate about. It is the first book of a planned series and the beginning of a wonderful journey of good vs. evil.


When I'm not writing, or curled up with a good book, I enjoy spending time with my loving husband and three amazing children.

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