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Something Within Ava Grace Lockwood has a secret. A secret she’s been hiding her entire life. She’s inhuman. At least, she has abilities that surpass that of a mere human. Despite her desire to break free and be herself, she keeps her secret and plays the role of a typical college student. I mean, who wants to be a freak? Right? But that isn’t her only problem. There’s Stephen Sky, the guy who’s been staring incessantly at her for weeks. Stephen is the type everyone shies away from, so why does Ava feel drawn to him? Confused, and tired of this creeper, she decides to confront Stephen and demand an explanation. An explanation is not all she gets. One touch from Stephen marks Ava and thrusts her into a life she’s not prepared for.  Gifted with a power that makes even the darkest spirits quiver in fear, Ava learns that she is the key to saving the world from the works of evil. If she can figure out what her power is. While Ava struggles with finding her place in this new world, not only must she figure out her gift, but she must quash the forbidden feelings she has for Stephen. He doesn't make it easy, and she finds herself torn between her desire for him and what she knows is right.  When a formidable leader of legion, Janair, learns of Ava, he sets his sights on her and all hell breaks loose. To save the world she’s come to know and love, can Ava find her power before Janair destroys them all? 

What a wonderfully written book! The characters are easy to fall in love with. From the beginning, I enjoyed the introduction into this unique world. This is the new power couple that I have been looking for. Ava Grace and Stephen Sky are truly inspiring as a couple and as leaders. I am excited to see what this new and upcoming writer has in store for us in book two. I can't wait for its release.



Loved it! Great writing!



This was an awesome book. I started it early afternoon and only put it down (grudgingly) to cook dinner! When dinner was done I picked it back up and finished it that night. The characters were easy to love, I look forward to more of Stephen and Ava. What I liked most about this book was it was different than anything I have read, unexpected things happening at every turn it seemed like! It was truly an awesome book!

Amazon Customer


Could not put the book down! A must read! Something exciting happens at every turn! Great story line and interesting and exciting plot twist! Well written and I love the main characters. Love how the main characters are connected. Exciting from beginning to end!

Amazon Customer


I loved it! Love makes you do crazy things sometimes and this book showed me that. The chemistry between certain characters was amazing and each part was wonderfully written. I have to say, I loved the dialogue and the writing of the author. It was easy to read and understand. There are some twists and turns in this book but I cannot say much without spoiling everything. You’re just going to have to read and find out for yourself. I honestly do not know why a bunch of people have not read about it or read it. Like seriously people. Read away.

Sam - Sam's Book Paradise



Shadows Ava hates being monitored twenty-four seven, but it’s for her own good. Especially with the new threat...​ Shadows.​ Everywhere Ava looks, there seems to be a shadow lurking.​ Watching.​ Waiting.​ And Stephen has become increasingly overbearing and overprotective. Though Ava doesn’t mind him being closer, she longs for room to breathe. But with each step she takes, the shadows seem to be closing in on her. How can she fight something she can’t see?​ Stephen and Ava draw closer as they deal with the new threat, but as they grow closer, Stephen seems to grow darker. Something is wrong with Stephen, and Ava can’t quite figure it out.​ Is Stephen changing? Or has he been overtaken by shadows?

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